A Hot Topic in Japan! Easy to Use,
Simple, and Cute Containers

Storage containers are very useful for storing leftovers and pre-made food.
There are various types of containers available in Japan. However, this is the container that everybody in Japan is talking about online recently.

This is "Microwave Safe Container" by HOME COORDY, TOPVALU, AEON's private brand.

The container's "easy to wash" feature in particular, attracts many attentions.
Containers can be used over and over again, but the problem is, it is somehow difficult to wash.

Why is it difficult to wash? It is because of the dent at the edge.
Even when you think you've cleaned it thoroughly, there would be some stains left in that part.

However, "Microwave Safe Container" has no such dent!

This easy to wash is the secret to its popularity.

It also has other great points, such as

low price

5 pieces set in small size, 4 pieces set in medium size, 2 pieces set in large size, and all of them are priced at 213 yen each inclusive of tax!

Easy to store

These containers are stackable, so they can be stored without taking up too much space.

Great to look at

You've seen the photo at the top, right? These containers look great even in a photo for SNS.

Just like its name, "Microwave Safe Container" is strong for microwave use.

Personally speaking, cheap containers are usually made of thin materials. But "Microwave Safe Container" is great because it is made of thick, robust material that won't bent even when lifted.

There is a big difference between being a little stressed or not. Please give these easy to wash, flat containers a try.

5 Square Microwave Safe Containers - S
180 ml: W 13 cm x D 8.6 cm x H 4.3 cm
Price including tax: 213 yen

4 Square Microwave Safe Containers - M
400 ml: W 16.4 cm x D 11.1 cm x H 5.1 cm
Price including tax: 213 yen

2 Square Microwave Safe Containers - L
850 ml: W 20.3 cm x D 13.8 cm x H 6.3 cm
Price including tax: 213 yen

If you are in Japan, you can buy these containers here.

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