Welcia, a hidden drug store in a popular sightseeing spot ASAKUSA

Asakusa is one of the most popular spots in Tokyo.
Asakusa has been the center of entertainment since Edo period. The signature spots of Asakusa include Kaminarimon, the gate of Senso-ji temple Asakusa is the place you cannot skip if you are planning to visit Tokyo. Is the introduction of Asakusa?
Today let’s see Welcia, the drug store located on 1/F inside Marugoto Nippoin shopping mall in Asakusa. You may not be familiar with the name Welcia, Welcia is the drug store chain currently operating 1625 stores across Japan! (Kanto, Tohoku, Tokai and Kansai region) Let's take a tour inside the Welcia!
※The products below may not be available in some store

Beside its nice location, there are 4 more reasons why you should visit Welcia.

  • 1.I has just opened in March 2018, so it is still very new and the environment is very good.
  • 2.It is convenient for public transportation just 3 minutes away from Asakusa station.
  • 3.The most important reason is that Welcia Asakusa store provides discount to foreign tourists! On top of 8% tax free, they also give 12% discounts! You can Get the coupon here!
  • The store is very spacious and bright. Product lineup is great. Now let’s see more detail.

  • You can find ANESSA and Morning Mask here there are very popular products and are always out of stock in many drug stores.

  • Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

  • Kanebo Coffret D'or lipstick

  • UTENA Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask

  • HAKU Whitening essence

  • emulsion remover, Blackhead cleaning spray

    There are also many other popular products available at the store. You won't have any problem completing your shopping list.

  • SEKKISEI Precious Snow Face Powder (Summer Limited Edition Package)

  • Kanebo Angel Powder (Limited edition package)

  • Limited edition and pre-sale products are also available here.
    Beisde cosmetics, daily commodities, medicines and other products are available too.
    Welcia also has our favorite items such as Salonpas® and Pigeon Medicated Lotion (Leaves of Peach)!

  • Welcia has bulk package sales. Look for these sales in the shop to save money!

  • Unexpectedly, this Welcia also has hidden area you can rest, eat and drink.

  •  If you purchase any of these curry, the staff will prepare the curry for you, you just have to pay 200 JPY extra for the service fee. You can have your meal while enjoying the scene of Asakusa at this comfortable spot.


  • Doesn’t this make you want to visit Welcia already? Please get your favorite cosmetics and medicines at Welcia when you visit Asakusa!

    : Tokyo Taitou-ku Asakusa 2-6-7
    Opening hours
    : 9:00-19:00

    Union Pay, Alipay and WeChat pay are accepted.

    8% tax free and 12% discounts are given.
    Bring your friends along and hurry to the shop!

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