Good Oral Hygiene Starts at a Young Age:
Dental Care Products For Kids

If you have experienced toothache in your life, you know that it is not like the disease that make you suffer but the pain is irresistible!
So it is important to take good care of oral hygiene since young age. Today let’s check out some dental care products especially for the children to develop good oral care habit to get healthy teeth when they grow up.

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TOPVALU Kids Toothbrush for the age of 3-6 years

Suitable for kids to use when changing from baby teeth to permanent teeth. Normal-bristles

The double-layered bristles can help kids to brush deep into the molars and also brush properly on uneven surface.

LION Kids Toothbrush

A toothbrush grows with your kids! Each toothbrush is printed with different cartoon characters. Your kids can choose cartoon character such as Anpanman,
Yo-kai Watch and others. Guaranteed that it will to get them excited to brush their teeth.

0-3 years, soft -bristles

Extra soft bristles that even sensitive toddlers can feel at ease to use.

1.5-5 years, normal -bristles

The serrated cutting brush head perfectly reaches kids' teeth and clean the teeth them thoroughly. Also the brush handle is round so kids' little hands can hold it tightly

6-12 years, Normal -bristles

Suitable for kids when baby teeth are changing to permanent teeth. The round cut tip helps to clean decayed molar teeth and misaligned teeth caused by changing teeth easily

The hardness of the toothbrush bristles is marked on the bottom of a package.

やわらかめ means soft-bristles, ふつう means normal-bristles, かため means hard-bristles. Remember these words so you can find a toothbrush that fit for your kids

LION XYLI DENT for Kids, Grape flavor 60g

A toothpaste formulated with xylitol and fluoride, which act in tandem to help prevent the occurrence and spread of cavities. Sodium fluoride can control acid, the cause of tooth decay and promotes the remineralization of teeth. Teeth are strengthen and are prevented from a tooth decay.

RENOVIGO Spray Toothpaste for cavity prevention, 38ml

Spray toothpaste specifically designed for kids. To prevent the occurrence and deterioration of a tooth decay. The sweet lemon flavor helps to encourage kids to brush their teeth. Renovigo contains low-concentration fluorine (100ppm). It is gentle and safe to use. After brushing teeth, simply spray Renovigo onto a toothbrush (7-8 times) and brush your kid's teeth again.

LION Clinica
Fluoride toothpaste for kids, 60g

It contains fluoride to remineralizer the teeth. Formulated with the enzyme dextranase to break down and remove plaque, helping prevent cavities. They come in Kids' favorite flavors such as strawberry, grape and peach

KAO Clear Clean Fruity Kids Toothpaste 70g

Strawberry, grape and melon soda flavors are available. Remove food scraps between teeth, and protects your kid's baby teeth and prevent newly growing permanent teeth from tooth decay.

Mondamin Kids'
mouthwash Strawberry flavor 250ml

If you are facing issue that your kids do not want to brush their teeth, please try this mouthwash It prevents the formation of cavities while sterilizing teeth at the same time. Even Kids who don't like brushing teeth wouldn't resist the fruity flavor of this mouthwash. Best way to have healthy teeth!

LION Clinica
Mouthwash 250ml

Mouthwash for Kids. It mainly prevents tooth decay, bad breath and gingivitis caused by bacteria.

Some parents may think that baby milk teeth will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth, therefore it's not a big deal when kids get a tooth decay. In fact, that is not true. If your child's baby milk teeth get tooth decay, it has direct impact on the health of permanent teeth in the future. That's why all parents must choose right dental care products for their kids from young age.

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