AEON serves as an ultimate information center for tourists seeking more amusing shopping experience

“AEON MALL Tokoname” is a hot and latest spot located in Tokoname bearing Chubu Centrair International Airport. The mall serves as a tourist information center, perfect for not only tourists but local residents, offering specialties and cultural experience as well as gourmet food and any kind of shopping item. We will now explore the special features of the mall with Tokoname-based foreign potters.

Direct access from airport! “Theme park” style mall, ideal for touring,
gourmet experience and shopping

Opened in 2005, Chubu Centrair International Airport serves as an international gateway to Chubu region, the central part of Japan’s main island, with complete access to tourist destinations such as Nagoya Castle within one hour, Shirakawa-go, the World Heritage and Ise Grand Shrine.

“AEON MALL Tokoname” directly connects to “Rinku Tokoname” Station neighboring Central Japan International Airport Station, merely 50-minute train ride from Nagoya Station.

Newly opened “AEON MALL Tokoname” adds special features to neighboring Chubu Centrair International Airport. Born in Tokoname, the city of pottery established in the 12th century, the “theme park” style shopping mall offers exciting experience of the local atmosphere, shopping and gourmet. Free shuttle bus access from the airport is also available.

Freshly opened in December, 2015, “AEON MALL Tokoname” has its 1,970-feet wide two-story building with some 200 shops and restaurants attracting tourists and local residents. “Just looking around here is fun as we can enjoy delicious local food.” said potter couple Richard and Mieko, and their friend Albert.

Twenty three-feet beckoning cat welcomes guests at the entrance

Tokoname is Japan’s largest producer of “beckoning cat”, the lucky charm.

“Tokoname noren street” provides a wide selection of restaurants in Japanese style atmosphere including Chinese and western eateries. A variety of Japanese cuisine such as susi made from seasonal fish and shellfish also can’t be missed.

Special section presents pottery collections made by Tokoname based potters.

“Back in the States, we don’t have this type of shopping mall where we can encounter local cultures and gain tourist information. Everything is great here.” said Albert.

Gourmet section offers any kind of regional specialties

Southern area of the first floor is a gourmet section offering “regional specialties of Chita Peninsula”. Unique shops provide sake made by traditional method handed down from 17th century, or originally blended Japanese tea hand-picked in farms of such Shizuoka.

“Ponnopin” provides a wide selection of local products from soy sauce and vinegar to sweets

Ice cream made of green powdered tea is available at “Kotobuki garden of tea”.

Next to the gourmet section is the food department of “AEON STYLE Tokoname”. You can enjoy wandering between two different types of facilities such as community-based “AEON Mall” offering local specialties and “AEON STYLE” presenting various lifestyle through high quality products and services, both produced by Japan’s leading distributor AEON.

Food department at “AEON STYLE Tokoname” offers farm-fresh and delicious products

With special items from Tokoname and across Japan,
second floor is best for souvenir shopping

Inviting shops on the second floor of “AEON MALL Tokoname” offers both local and nationwide specialties. Finnish lady staying with Richard and Mieko loved this floor and frequently visited for souvenir shopping.

“WABI X SABI” offers popular Japanese accessories such as chopsticks and tableware.

In its spacious floor, “YOIHI BANRAI” offers a variety of souvenirs from local specialties and cosmetics to home electronics

“R.O.U” satisfies the wants of young women with its delightful items such as cosmetics and cute accessories.

You can enjoy both reading and café time at “MIRAIYA SHOTEN”.

Welcomes guests with warm and gracious hospitality

For overseas visitors to enjoy travelling and shopping, “AEON MALL Tokoname” furnishes with warm and gracious support such as “attendants” who speak English, Chinese or Korean always on patrol. Information boards and maps in English, simplified/traditional Chinese, and Korean help to guide the guests. Free Wi-Fi and the worship place for Muslim is available.

A third of shops are tax-free at “AEON MALL Tokoname” indicated with icons. “Tax-free Counter” on the first floor offers tax-free support, tour information, foreign exchange, cash advance by foreign credit cards etc.

Check the screen at the “Tax-free Counter” to learn international and domestic flight information

Outdoor activities are also available at “Wonder Forest Curio” with its Kart racing course and field athletics facilities. Twelve different types of hot spring at “Hot water of Tokoname hot spring Mago” provide exclusive one-day experience.

Unique beckoning cats made by local artists embellish the building

Bathtub of Tokoname ware at “Hot water of Tokoname hot spring Mago”

AEON MALL Tokoname

Address: 2-20-3 Rinkuucho, Tokoname-shi, Aichi prefecture

Open: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm (AEON MALL, Wonder Forest Curio), 10:00 am – 10:00 pm (restaurants), open all year around *Some stores may have different hours.

Take a walk at city of pottery, classical in style

Tokoname-shi is a historical city, one of “Japan’s six oldest potteries” including Arita (Saga prefecture) and Seto (Aichi prefecture). Currently known for teaware, the city was the center of ceramic industry producing clay pipes and sanitaryware until 1970s. Terra cotta tiles used at Imperial Hotel Tokyo and power cables buried in runways of airports such as Chubu Centrair International Airport were made in Tokoname.

“Pottery Footpath” maintaining the olden times atmosphere is a must-visit. You will enjoy nostalgic views of meandering alleys, black-stained boarded fences or clay pipe based buildings.

Left: clay pipes installed in 19th century. Right: bottles for distilled spirit used in early 20th century. Waste materials used to fire potteries create incomparable beauty.

Climbing kilns and chimneys remind of the exuberance of the day

Mixture of historical buildings and modern housings attracts visitors

Enjoy pottery lessons as well as shopping

Like Richard, many foreign potters live in Tokoname for years. “We love people in Tokoname as they are open-minded and friendly.” said Richard.


You can enjoy the city of Tokoname and “AEON Mall Tokoname” and many more. Explore shops in “AEON Style” offering a variety of lifestyle based on its location.

Last Updated:June 2016

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