Let’s surround ourselves with warm and cosy cherry blossom pink with HÓME CÓORDY

Soon, it will be the cherry blossom season in Japan. Huge cherry blossom trees towering over us are so beautiful and the sweet faintly pink petals are also very cute!

As we all know the cherry blossom only bloom once in a year and how romantic and warm life will be if we are surrounded with pink in our daily life reminding us the cherry blossom season?

Here, we have gathered a few household essentials and kitchen appliances that are cute and pink in colour from Home Coordy, a member of AEON’s private brand TOPVALU. Mugs and plates that come in a design that you will never get tired of, double vacuum layered flasks and other items such as sleeping pillows with antimicrobial and deodorising function cover, comfortable seat cushions, bath mats made with absorbent and deodorising material, slim indoor slippers that fit your feet perfectly and it all comes in pink color!!!

Please check them out at HÓME CÓORDY now! They are so adorable and affordable! One of the must have items to decorate your home to welcome the cherry blossom season!

Last Updated:11 April 2018

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