Let's Enjoy Sports with Your Favourite Gear from Sports Authority!

The temperature rises day by day.
In Japan, choosing which coat to wear every morning continues to be a difficult choice.
And the cherry blossoms have started to bloom as well.

This is a season when we want to begin our outdoor activities, right?
Then, "Sports Authority" is a perfect choice. Sports Authority is an AEON Group store specializing in sports gear.

Today, we visited Sports Authority located in AEON MALL MAKUHARI NEW CITY, a huge mall in Chiba.

To go to the mall from Kaihin Makuhari Station, please take AEON 63 or 65 bus and get off at Makuhari New City Family Mall. Or take Keisei Bus "Kai" 61 and get off in front of AEON MALL MAKUHARI NEW CITY Active Mall.

Sports Authority is located in "ACTIVE MALL" shown in blue in this map.

In ACTIVE MALL, Sports Authority is separated into first, second and third floor. Anyway, it is huge!

With an extensive range of offerings!
You will surely be spoilt for choice.

We asked the staff what essential items they would recommend.
So, let's see these items starting from the first floor!

On the first floor, the recommended essential item is camping gear!

Either pitching the tent in a spacious park or going on a real camping trip in the mountains is a really great opportunity to get closer to nature.

There are many types of tents, from the tents for enthusiasts like in the photo above to tents for simple pleasure.

The store also offers outdoor cooking equipment.

If you plan on exploring the nature, please get the trekking gear too.

Besides the shops, the first floor also offers a rock climbing studio!
There is even a rock climbing facility for kids!

The second floor is dedicated to team sports, such as basketball and soccer. Clothing, specialized shoes, and other goods are separated according to sports. Souvenirs for your team mates, anybody?

The recommended essential item on the third floor are sneakers! These sneakers are not only useful for sports but also in daily life!

The store also offers a footprint measuring service. Sometimes we thought we knew our correct shoe size. But, why not measure it for sure?

This service is also offered on the second floor for soccer shoes and basketball shoes department.

Since we are in Japan, naturally we want to buy "Made in Japan" items!
How about ASICS, a Japanese brand?
These shoes are designed for summer with excellent breathability.

But a Japanese brand does not necessarily mean it is made in Japan, right?
So, when you are looking for made in Japan items, look for this mark.

Another item we want to recommend is running wear!
You'd probably thought that any clothes will do as long as it is comfortable for running since you will just run, right?
Actually, there is a specialized underwear that takes the muscles during running into consideration.

The underwear we are talking about is the UNDER WEAR BY CW-X.
It is a clothing that provides support for weariness caused by exercising.
People who hurt their knees while running will surely need this.

It supports the hip joint from both sides to provide support for the knees and reduce the burden when exercising.

Look at how many badminton rackets there are!

The famous Japanese manufacturer for badminton rackets is YONEX. Please give them a try!

Sports Authority offers an extensive range of goods that it is impossible to include them all in this article. So, please visit the store.
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Please find your favourite gear for fun sporting life at Sports Authority!

Last Updated:6 April 2018

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