The Nutritious and Delicious Canned Food
You Should Stock Up

Some of us may have the impression that canned foods are cheap, unhealthy and does not taster good or even reminded someone of pet food! But let’s fight for canned food’s right! Canned food is second popular from instant noodles in Japan because of its convenience. There are so many canned food brands in Japan and canned food contain better nutrition than instant noodles and the premium ones taste so good!.💯
These are some highly recommended canned food in AEON supermarket, you may easily get addicted to these super delicious canned food!

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  1. MEIDI-YA Black Pepper Beef

    A can full of black pepper marinated beef! If you love eating beef you will love this product!

  2. MEIDI-YA Braised Pork in Black Vinegar with Quail Eggs.

    This canned food will increases your appetite for sure! Nice dinner is ready only 2 cans of this and a bowl of hot steamed rice.

  3. TOPVALU SELECT Yuzu Kosho Flavor

    Grilled Tuna
    Toro , fattier belly part of tuna which is the most expensive part are used for this canned food. Grilled toro, flavored with Yuzu Kosho (A paste made of chili pepper, yuzu peel and salt) from Miyagi prefecture and Salt from Okinawa prefecture. It's preserved in cottonseed oil. This premium product uses the best ingredients and condiment.

  4. TOPVALU Sweet and Salty Braised Beef

    The beef is braised in sweet and salty soy sauce for hours until gets tender. This is a best combination for steamedrice. As you know, braising beef takes many hours to prepare and some of us may not know how to cook it. With this canned food, we don't need to have headache thinking about cooking anymore!

  5. TOPVALU SELECT Basil flavor

    Also Toro is used for this product, but with Basil flavor. Basil and garlic, grown in Japan, salt from Okinawa prefecture and premium virgin olive oil from Italy.

  6. TOPVALU Japanese Sardine

    This premium product used only sardines caught in Japan. And to obtain the high concentration of umami, these sardines are dried then packed in the can with bay leaf to add the flavor.

  7. MARUHA Ankimo (Monkfish Liver)

    Ankimo (monkfish liver) is called "Foie Gras of the Sea" because it's not easy to get a fresh and authentic Ankimo. Instead of looking for a restaurant to eat it why not simply buy a can of Ankimo and enjoy at home? Whenever you feel like eating it, just open one!

  8. K&K Smoked Oyster from Hiroshima prefecture

    Use oysters grown in Hiroshima prefecture and then smoke them carefully with cherry wood.

  9. Did this article change your mind about canned food?
    Canned foods in Japan are not only delicious but also have many varieties. Ankimo and Oysters from Hiroshima prefecture can be rare food to find in Japan. But we can enjoy them at home simply by getting canned foods! When you visit Japan next time, remember to go to AEON supermarket and pick your favorite canned food back home!

Last Updated:5 October 2018

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