Amazake, a healthy beverage dates from the Edo period in Japan

If you like healthy beverages, you may have heard of Amazake from Japan which dates from the Edo period. there are many flavors available now!
Amazake is made from fermented rice or koji. It was very popular during the Edo period, and now it became popular again in Japan. Some Japanese people make Amazake at home, but you can also find many different brands and flavors at the convenience stores.

Let’s check out some Amazake from various brands and products made from Amazake. All these items can be found in at AEON Supermarket.

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Sparking Amazake

MORINAGA Instant Amazake
(4 sachets)

You can enjoy your Amazake by just pouring hot water. It's as convenient as instant noodle!

Melodian Sakekasu Amazake, 1000ml

This Amazake is made from Sakekasu of Japanese rice. Tastes sweet and mellow.

Marukome Koji Amazake

This one successfully bring out the natural sweetness by breaking up rice and rice starch.

Ozeki Amazake
(Bottle type)

A traditional Amazake made from fresh pressed sake.

Amazake is not only limited to a beverage, but also used for snacks as well. You can tell Amazake is very popular in Japan.

Amazake cookies (8 packs)

Amazake mini cakes (6 packs)

Ice cream with Amazake flavor

Popsicle with Amazake flavor

Although the way Amazake is made is similar to Sweet Sake, but the ingredients, flavor and ways of using it are very different. Japanese people like it because it is a very healthy choice Why don't you try Amazake when you travel in Japan and buy some snacks made with Amazake as souvenirs for your family and friends?

Last Updated:5 October 2018

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