What are the popular Japanese tooth whitening products?

Poor hygiene could lead to plaque, bad breath and yellow teeth that will cause bad impact on our image.
In order to keep your teeth nice to create good impression to other people, it is very important to select and use right oral care products.

Here are some well-known tooth paste brands for whitening and other oral care products you can find at AEON!

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Powerful whitening + Cleaning power

A Medicated toothpaste boasting a proprietary enamel care formula,
This will help not only whiten your teeth but also remove plaque and maintain healthy teeth.


Use this cleansing paste once a week for teeth - whitening

This whitening toothpaste contains the highest concentration of stain removal ingredients (cleaning agent) that Ora2 has ever produced in its history. Use it once a week to eliminate stain (pigment particles) on your tooth and unpleasant odors in your mouth to give fresh breath.

Issua Smile Cosmetique Whitening Toothpaste

Effectively cleans both teeth and tongue.

This toothpaste is very popular in Japan. It contains Glycyrrhetinic acid to adsorb plaque on the teeth’s surface and also sodium bicarbonate helps to remove unsightly coating from your tongue, it will give you both white teeth and fresh breath!

me STAIN CLEAR Toothpaste

Decompose tooth pigmentation and remove stains

Contains triple silica to decompose pigmentation and remove stains on the surface deeply. It also contains a formula that inhibits stains, allowing the teeth to recover their original whiteness!

SANGI APAGARD premio Whitening Toothpaste

Remove plaque and preventing periodontal disease

This toothpaste contains nano Medical Hydroxyapatite (nano <mHAP>) for the protection against caries. <mHAP> is used to remove plaque from your teeth.

Narture Lab

Concentrated whitening essence, strengthen whitening effect

Dispense few drops of concentrated whitening essence on toothbrush alone or add it to your regular toothpaste. This strengthen the whitening effect for your toothpaste.

Issua Smile Cosmetique Teeth White Pack

Easy to use by just place this whitening strip directly on your teeth for whitening purpose.

It contains ion Cleansing ingredients which is the same composition as the brand's toothpastes.

Taking a good care of our teeth is not easy because we are facing with various pigments and stains from food and beverage we consume everyday.
However, AEON is the place that can help you get both healthy and beautiful white teeth, just pay a visit to choose whitening toothpaste that you are interested in!

Last Updated:26 December 2018

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