Brand-new shopping experience at “AEON STYLE”!

Beautifully displayed products, immaculate shopping areas and reasonable price allow for your comfortable shopping and discovery of Japanese advanced daily items. Experience Japanese latest lifestyle through shopping at “AEON STYLE” presenting new concepts based on customers’ needs!

Bright in atmosphere and fashionable in style

Brightly lit “La Foglia Marche Dining” welcomes you right after the main entrance of “AEON STYLE Itabashi Maeno-cho” in Tokyo. You can visit stylish and inviting cafés, delis, Italian restaurants, bakeries, confectioners and many more.

Bright and chic shopping area welcomes you right after the entrance

In contrast to conventional general merchandise stores or shopping centers, “AEON STYLE” is a completely new style shopping mall as it aims to present various lifestyle to customers through high quality products and services. AEON STYLE operates 22 stores nationwide as of January, 2016 including “AEON STYLE Itabashi Maeno-cho” freshly opened on November 21th, 2015.

Service Counter for foreign customers

Start with visiting “Service Counter” on the first basement for shop information and tax-free support.

Remember to get shop information at Service Counter before shopping

You can ask all about the shop and tax-free support

Tax-free guidebooks are available in 6 languages (English, simplified/traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese)

Opposite the Service Counter, you will find the section of AEON’s e-money WAON Card. Tourists can issue WAON to pay at any AEON and convenience store across Japan. If you purchase a “regional version of WAON” such as Yakushima, the World Heritage in Kagoshima prefecture, WAON, 0.1% of your payments are donated to the region.

You can choose your favorite version among any prefecture

Remember to get an “ENJOY AEON 5%off Coupon” at the Service Counter.

Once you get information at the Service Counter, just explore the store.

Fascinating and engrossing selection of products

The second floor, “housewares, and health & beauty items” section offers cosmetics, beauty electronics, medicines, household items or stationery. Everyday consumables are available at reasonable price while expert-recommended special items satisfies your wants.

This is particularly favored by young parents. said a shop assistant at “Natural & Organic” section. “Skincare cream available for infants is a most-liked item by mothers.” You can find a truly valuable item here as assistants’ advice and samples are always on hand.

Utilize shop assistants’ advice to choose ideal items

Center of the “Section for kids and their smile” on the third floor sits the indoor athletic site, “Kids’ Ball Land” with specially trained instructors. Kids’ Ball Land is encircled by the sections of babies’ item, children’s clothes and educational toys, enabling you to enjoy shopping and children to play safe.

Kids’ Ball Land offers safe playground for children

AEON offers original “Randoseru” (backpack for schoolchildren)

Immaculately displayed shopping area enhances your shopping experience

Grocery section to support families with kids on the first basement offering food and daily items provides exciting shopping experience. Immaculately and orderly displayed shopping area is one of the Japanese cool culture. You can enjoy the display of farm-fresh cherry tomatoes from nationwide as well as selecting them to purchase by weight. At the organic section offering healthy and environmentally-friendly items such as harvest and dressing, safe and fresh foods are always available.

Beautifully and delightfully displayed, fine collection of home-grown tomatoes sold by weight

Wide selection of organic products from all around Tokyo

High quality fruits particularly attract customers. Specially selected Japanese strawberries are must-buy

At the “Cooking Station” centered in the grocery section, cooking information and recipes are available. You can even taste sample meals and take advice from cooking experts.

You can enjoy conversation with cooking experts while shopping (in simple English only).

Sushi is individually packaged for hygiene purpose

You can choose as you like from a variety of deep-fried delis

Comfortable eatery for relaxing and delightful time

High Quality Dining Area on the first floor presents “La Foglia Marche Dining” at the center, offering relaxing eating experience as well as “Aeon Liquor” on the floor end.

La Foglia Marche Dining offers palatable meals of high quality, cooked with fresh ingredients

AEON Liquor on the first floor end offers amazingly broad selection of alcohol drinks with particular focus on craft beer. “We highly recommend you to maturate it in your wine cellar so that you can enjoy better flavor.” said a shop assistant. Domestic and international craft beer sold here can be stored for a year in a cool and dark condition even without a cellar.

You can enjoy full flavor of craft beer by maturation

Japanese whisky is perfect for souvenirs

You can taste wine and Japanese sake simply with a tasting machine. Please note underage (below 20) drinking is prohibited nationwide.

Speciality shop on the first floor end offers power-assisted bicycle, ultimate for its surroundings with full of hills. Various types for women and tandems are available for test rides.

You can test ride power-assisted bicycles


4-21-22 Maeno-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo

8:00 am – 11:00 pm (B1F, 1F), 9:00 am – 10:00 pm (2F, 3F), open all year around
8 minute walk from “Shimura Sakaue” Station on the Toei Mita Line (40 minute from Shinjuku Station for your reference)

Store design via communication with customers

AEON STYLE is unique in feature as each store has its own concept based on the needs of surrounding area. You can experience the latest Japanese lifestyle via shopping. “AEON MALL Tokoname” located in close proximity to Chubu Centrair International Airport provides regional experience only accessible in Tokoname with its full attraction as a tourist destination. Enjoy brand-new shopping experience at AEON!

AEON MALL Tokoname


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