Summer Festival x AEON:
Miyagi/Sendai Tanabata Festival Edition

In this second article of the series that introduce summer festivals and the nearby AEON stores, we will be introducing "Sendai Tanabata Festival" in Miyagi Prefecture!

“Tanabata Festival” is a festival where people write down their wishes on "Tanzaku", then tie them to bamboo grass or "Sasa" and pray to make their wishes come true. Tanabata Festival is celebrated all over Japan, however “Sendai Tanabata Festival” in particular, is famous for its glorious tanabata decoration called "Sasa-kazari" that reaches 10 metres in height.
This festival dates back to about 400 years ago and is the biggest Tanabata Festival in Japan visited by more than two million tourists every year!

This year, this Festival will be held from August 6th (Saturday) to August 8th (Monday). So, how about sightseeing in Sendai that is full of colourful decorations?

After writing down your wishes on Tanzaku, please drop by AEON Sendai! This store offers fresh and rich Tohoku flavors, such as Sendai's specialty "beef tongue", fresh tuna, local wines and dumplings that can only be found locally!

Please drop by when you are in the area. We are waiting for you!

■ AEON Sendai
Address: Chuo 2-3-6, Aoba-ku, Sendai-Shi, Miyagi
How to get there: About 8 minutes walk from JR "Sendai" station

■ For more information on “Sendai Tanabata Festival”, please visit


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