Summer Festival x AEON:
Aomori Nebuta Festival Edition

In this third article of the series that introduce summer festivals and the nearby AEON stores, we will be introducing "Aomori Nebuta Festival" in Aomori Prefecture!

The focus of this festival are gigantic lanterns called “Nebuta” and “Haneto” dancers who perform the traditional dances. A “Nebuta” may reach about 5 metres in height, 9 metres in width, 7 metres in depth, and weigh about 4 tons. “Haneto” dancers wear the same costume and dance energetically around one “Nebuta”. The number of them can even reach up to 2,000 at one time! This festival is one of the famous Japan festivals that attracts over 2 million tourists every year and it will be held from August 2nd to 7th this year. So, wouldn't you like to visit Aomori and make your own travel memories?

Before and after the festival, please visit AEON Aomori and enjoy shopping here! This store offers various local wines, in addition to the local cuisine "Hachinohe Senpei Jiru (Soup)", famous snacks such as "Nebuta Senbei", and “Shiny Apple Juice" made from Aomori's apples which are famous here!

Please drop by when you are in the area. We are waiting for you!

■ AEON Aomori
Address: Midori 3-9-2, Aomori-shi, Aomori
Nearest Station: About 15 minutes by bus from Aomori station, get off at "Sun Road Aomori mae" and walk about 1 minute.

For more details, please check out "ENJOY AEON"!
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■ For more information on Aomori Nebuta Festival, please visit


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