Recommended this summer! 4 trendy swimsuits

If you want to look cuter and more attractive than anyone else at the pool or on the beach, then this AEON swimsuits is just for you!

No. 1: 3-piece set lace-frilled multi-horizontal stripes with short pants for a slightly daring look.
This is a very cute swimsuit with a slightly colourful and yet girly design♡

No. 2: 3-piece set off-shoulder with short pants for a neat and fresh look. Besides giving a fresh appearance with the refreshing stripes, the off-shoulder top with casual embroidery will make you look even cuter☆

No. 3: 4-piece set horizontal stripes bandeau knit with camisole is also popular with its slightly retro marine style. This swimsuit comes in a set of camisole and bikinis, so you can wear the camisole if you are worried about the shape!

No. 4: 4-piece set lace-fringe long gilet vest for the cool look. You can wear this swimsuit to festivals or parties because it comes with a gilet vest! You can also show-off your sexiness with the back-cross design☆彡

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