Let's Pack Our Lunches and Enjoy the Autumn Leaves

Summer in Japan is over and the weather is beginning to turn cold. One of the pleasures we can look forward to in this season is the colourful autumn leaves that paint up the mountains beautifully. Autumn is the "autumn-leaf viewing" season in Japan.

"Autumn-leaf viewing" is said to have begun with the nobles during the Heian period, about 1,000 years ago. It is an excursion where people make a trip out to the hills and fields to enjoy the vibrant colours. Of course, packed lunches or "bento" are essential while on such trips.

AEON offers "bento" that will remind you of autumn, volume-packed "bento", and various other "bento", as well as side dishes♪ So, please drop by AEON deli corner when you visit Japan.

Please check out AEON "bento" and side
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