Simple! Just wear it! Leg Care series for Beautiful Legs

Do you have foot problems such as swelling legs, chilled feet and rough heels? Worry no more! AEON's private brand TOPVALU’s Leg Care series socks and stockings will take care of your foot problems simply by wearing it!
The Leg Care series will take care of the top 4 most common foot problems.

  • 1. Relieve swelling legs

    Relieve leg swelling by gradually exerting suitable amount of pressure from the sole of the foot and ankles to the calves, at the same time prevent the blood stagnation in blood vessels in legs and allow blood circulation.

  • 2. Relax, Refresh and Soothing tired feet

    These compression socks come in medium firm for outing wear and mild firm especially for night use.

  • 3. Reduce rough heels

    Heels care socks for outing use are made using special patches of silicon attached to the heel part that will effectively reduce the roughness at the heels and night use socks are made using the moisture impermeable film to keep the heel moisture.

  • 4. Warm chilled feet

    Chilled feet care socks come in double knitting type and double layered set type. You can now keep your feet warm throughout the day during cold season.

Start your leg care today!

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