Enjoy Sweet & Bitter Chocolate life

Chocolate is not just for a special occasion. Chocolate is enjoyable throughout any other days. So let us share with you how you can enjoy your favorite chocolate anytime anywhere.
AEON’s TOPVALU Chocolate comes in many selections and varieties. Depending on your mood, some say that chocolate can help cheer up our daily routine through comforting bitter rich melting moments and luxurious sweetness taste in every bite. Chocolate is also believed using as a remedy to reduce tiredness as it containing polyphenol that provide antioxidant. With 70% cocoa in the chocolate and varieties of different flavour makes choosing your chocolate fun and exciting.
Cooking using high concentrated cacao for desserts has been such a trend these days. It not only creates beautiful and delicious desserts but it also helps in creating good mood, relaxing feeling and happiness. So, hurry and come find out more about our chocolate desserts such as chocolate milk, chocolate cream bread and sandwiches, chocolates containing dried fruits and nuts and many more at AEON.
Beside the health benefits consuming chocolate, did you know that you are also contributing towards society? YES! The chocolate produced using international recognized coca helps farmers and workers to have a working lifestyle. By purchasing chocolate, farmers get to work and committed to produce high quality products and in return they get to have a more peasant lifestyle.
Start a healthy lifestyle today! Although chocolate is well known only serving as dessert but historically chocolate is known as nourishing drug. Have you ever thought of using these energetic recipes in your daily cooking and dishes? Perhaps you can! Dishes you can create such as chocolate salami, chocolate noodles, chocolate with chicken dishes, be creative and have a healthy lifestyle with AEON today.


For more information on chocolate lineup and cacao recipes using chocolate as dessert and cooking, please follow the link below. https://www.topvalu.net/tv-chocolateseries


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