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Kobe is the well-known port city of Japan. A city of Hyogo Prefecture and it is approx 20 minutes away from OSAKA. Kobe is also famous for several tourists’ attraction such as Mount Rokko,Arima Onsen (Hot Springs) and there is even a China town. Kobe is more than just a place for great food. It is also a place for relax and a place you can call it home.

"HÓME CÓORDY" is AEON's private brand that offers furniture and other household goods. There is a wide range of HÓME CÓORDY products, from products that can be used for a long time to products to be replaced in a short cycle. Hence, this brand aims at creating things that will blend in naturally and remain charming. HÓME CÓORDY products feature simple style and colouring, which is great because they can easily blend in with the existing interior design.
AEON’s first “HÓME CÓORDY” store is located at the 5th floor shopping mall “Sannomiya OPA 2”. Within the store, the products are separated according to their usage, such as kitchen, beddings, household articles, bath and toiletries, and stationeries.

“HÓME CÓORDY” is easy to get to as JR Sannomiya Station is directly link to the building and you can perhaps also travel from the other train stations such as Hankyu / Hanshin Kobe-Sannomiya and the Subway / Port Liner Line Sannomiya Station which is located nearby. 

If you happen to visit Kobe, please come and visit HÓME CÓORDY!
You can also find HÓME CÓORDY products at AEON!

HÓME CÓORDY Sannomiya OPA 2 address:
5th Floor, Sannomiya OPA 2, 6-1-15 Kumoidori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
Business hours: 10:00 - 21:00



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