Skin sensitive to the external stimuli? Do you know a cosmetic brand that is perfect for dry and sensitive skin?

Today, we are introducing a cosmetic recommended by AEON Japan which is formulated for “dry and sensitive skin”.

Have you ever heard of the term "dry and sensitive skin"? Dry and sensitive skin refers to a skin condition that is dry and too sensitive to the external stimuli.

If your skin gets rough and dry troubles repeatedly, or even if hair touches the skin irritates...That is dry and sensitive skin.

Kao targets the actual causes of dry and sensitive skin, which is the lack of “ceramide”. Ceramide is a human body component that plays an important role as skin barrier by filling in the gaps between the keratinous cells to lock in the moisture and to protect the skin from irritation.

Through extensive dermatological science research, Kao has developed a "ceramide function component" that displays effects similar to that of "ceramide", and created "Curél", a cosmetic that protects the skin from outer harmful substances

At AEON Japan, there is a Curél counter that offers various series of the cosmetics. For those with dry and sensitive skin problems, or those who tend to have rough, dry skin during winter and powdering repeatedly, please try Curél lotion!

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