Over 1,000 types of wines await you! Welcome to AEON STYLE HIMONYA!

What do you look forward to the most when you visit Japan?
Raise your hand if it’s "cheap wine"!

I understand. You love alcohol, don’t you?
Wine in Japan is really cheap.
For the drinker who loves alcohol, we’d recommend the Liquor Shop, "AEON Liquor" at AEON STYLE HIMONYA.

Look at all these wines! There’s an astounding 1,200 types of wines available here!
This round display in the middle of the picture is lined with recommended Bordeaux wines, luxury wines ranging from about 8,000 yen to about 20,000 yen.
Just looking at it is astounding by itself.

Luxury is fine and all, but I’d like to enjoy lots of wine! For people like you we have...
Chile's "PUDA".

That comfortably fruity and enchanting taste, for only 680 yen (tax excluded)!
Cabernet · Sauvignon, Nesira's · Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, etc. They’re available in many varieties of grapes.
It seems that many buy them in bulk because of its good value.

Let's look at the top selling wines in AEON STYLE HIMONYA!

1st Place Cune Crianza

A medium bodied red wine from Rioja, a wine producing region in Spain.
Its elegant taste, with a youthful spice scent and balanced acidity is brilliant. It should have been awarded more than 90 out of 100 "Parker Points" by Robert Parker, a critic who is said to be the most influential in the world.

2nd Place Montes Alpha Syrah

A full bodied red wine from Chile.
This one has also been awarded over 90 point parker points. In addition to the Schiller-like smoky spice scent and acidity, it has an elegant fruity taste peculiar to the Montez.

3rd Place Parker Favorite Son Shiraz

A full bodied red wine from Australia. It has a rich flavour with hints of fresh blackberry, vanilla, chocolate, liquorice.

It’s something you’d want to drink when eating lots of meat.

By the way, until now, Chilean wine comes to mind whenever it’s "wines with good value". But recently, South African wine has been drawing in attention.

As for the most popular South African wine, we have Fish Hoek Pinotage.

A medium bodied red made with pinotage, African-born grapes which allows you to enjoy the flavors of fruitcake, plum and mocha chocolate with an elegant taste.

Those who cannot wait until returning to the hotel can enjoy wine tasting here.

You can taste the wine you purchased in the bar next to AEON Liquor. Of course, we have also prepared beer snacks!

Well then, while we enjoy a drink, let's change pace and look at the sake.

Sake, is liquor unique to Japan. You must try them after all.
We recommend small bottles for those who want to try various brews.

In AEON Liquor at Himonya, we have prepared cute bags that can hold a small bottle "Jinkichi bag (500 yen per tax)" for you.
The Jinkichi bag is a bag used for take away sake. The famous liquor shop’s name is printed on the bag.

Well then, how should I choose sake?
Let us teach you one method today.

Please try “あらばしり”
“あらばしり” is sake extracted from the beginning. “あらばしり” sake is thin and opaque, with low alcohol content. Its taste has not solidified and is unstable with a kick to it. You can enjoy its off, yet powerful fragrance and flavour.

This easy to drink sparkling sake is popular lately.

We recommend the "Shichiken". It is fermented for the second time in the bottle just like champagne,
It is a cloudy sparkling alcohol which allows you to taste the flavour and sweetness of the rice.

They’re boxed making them the perfect souvenir for your loved ones.

Do you want something even more special? Let's introduce products that can only be obtained here!
That is sake that has been christened "Himonya".
These are wine. Medium red wines made from Japanese Black Queen grapes. They have a delicate but deep taste.

These are sake. It has a soft mouthfeel with a solid aftertaste.

We have wine tasting from 11am to 6pm on weekends. Please aim to come at this time.
Enjoy your journey with good wine!


1-1, 4 Chome, Himonya, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


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