Hurry! Let's try these functional yogurts that everyone is talking about.

There are so many yogurt brands in Japan that you can eat different one every day. Other than ordinary yogurts, there are many functional ones which taste great and are expected to be beneficial in our lives.

Here, I'm going to recommend you these functional yogurts. You can't underestimate the power of a cup of yogurt!

Meiji Probio Yogurt R-1

Not many companies adopt red color for a yogurt package, so it's quite easy to find R-1. R-1 stands for 1073R-1 lactic acid bacteria. This kind of lactic acid bacteria is said to produce EPS (exopolysaccharide) which can enhance the activity of NK cells in the body and improve immunity.

Meiji Probio Yogurt PA-3

Meiji Probio Yogurt PA-3 is a “soldier of yogurt”, because it contains PA-3 which is a probiotic lactic acid bacteria that fights against purines.

Yukijirushi '惠megumi' Yogurt

Blue package of Megumi yogurt contains capsule of Bifidobacteria Sp Co, to let it pass directly from stomach to intestines.

Red package of Megumi yogurt contains Gasseri Bacteria SP which has ability to reduce the visceral fat. It's zero fat & sugar which we all could consume every day without feeling guilty.

Today, many of us have busy and irregular lifestyle. Consuming a little bit of yogurt is a simple way for good life. If you have a plan to visit Japan, remember to come to AEON to buy these delicious and convenient functional yogurt.

Last Updated:27 December 2018

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