Check out the 25 most popular products chosen by foreign visitors to Japan!

  • Solid baby powder
    for soft baby skin

    Prevents heat rash, inflammation, diaper rash, and chafed inner thighs to keep your baby's skin healthy.
    Since it is a solid type, you can carry it with you without worrying about the powder getting everywhere.
    Built-in puff.

    Baby Powder Pressed (50g)

  • Stronger resistance to sweat.
    Strong waterproof UV protection!

    Shiseido Fitit
    Anessa Perfect
    UV Aqua Booster

  • For tired eyes and hyperemia!
    Strong cool and refreshing feeling
    spread from the surface of your eyes!

    Santen Pharmaceutical
    Sante FX Neo

  • Shiseido
    Eyebrow pencil 3

  • Shiseido
    Eyebrow pencil 2
    Dark brown

  • Nestle Japan
    Kit Kat Mini Bittersweet Matcha
    (12 bars)

  • Clean up deep inside the pores
    while protecting your skin!

    FT Shiseido
    Senka Perfect Whip

  • Soft, moist, and melts in the mouth.
    Baked one by one with love!

    Moist and melts in the mouth

  • Easy-to-use flake type!
    Rich in calcium!

    Salmon Flakes
    (60g x 2)

*The ranking data is based on the tax free sales record of AEON Retail in June.


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