Tax Free

Consumption tax is exempted.

Please finish payment and bring your passport, receipts and purchased goods to the Service Counter (AEON store).
Business hours and service hours of tax exemption may differ.

note: The availability of tax-exempt service depends on each tenant.


Mieru Tsuyaku

Connecting customers with interpreters using smartphones and tablets carried by employees.
We have multilingual video interpreting service. The following 13 languages and sign language are supported.

English, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Tagalog, Hindi, Nepali, Indonesian

Some languages support may not be available depending on the hours.
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ATM Service

Cashing of Japanese yen
with your overseas-issued card.

The types of credit card and cash card that can be used are :
MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus, VISA, PLUS and UnionPay.

How to use ATM Cash Withdrawal

You can withdraw Japanese yen using your overseas-issued credit card or cash card at ATMs installed in the AEON stores posted here on this website.

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Exchangeable currencies

Foreign currencies→Japanese yen
7 currencies ( US Dollars, Euro, Chinese Yuan, Korean Won, Taiwan Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar & Thai Baht )