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Tips forEnjoying Japanese Summer at AEON

Discover handy and useful items that you'll want to use not only during your summer trip to Japan but also in your daily life back home! AEON offers a wide variety of products. Check out this article and head straight to the section you're interested in!

Tip for Finding Summer Souvenirs#1: Check Out the "Yukata" Section!

Three smiling young women in yukata.

The yukata, originally created in the Heian period (794-1185) as a bathrobe called "yukatabira," became popular as casual outdoor wear during the Edo period (1603-1868). Its breathable, lightweight fabric is perfect for Japan's humid summers. Easier to wear than a kimono, yukatas are a favorite summer fashion choice. You'll often see them at fireworks festivals, summer events, and even while strolling around town.

Back view of woman in yukata.
Yukatas are perfect for summer outings!

At AEON, you can try on our original yukatas right in the store. We also have a great selection of accessories like decorative cords and hair ornaments to complete your look. Feel free to stop by, choose your favorite yukata, and change into it on the spot before heading out to enjoy your day. Our lineup includes the stylish "KUSUMI Yukata" with trendy muted colors and the new 2024 "One-piece Yukata," which is super easy to put on by yourself and can even be worn as a dress after you return home. Come in and find the perfect yukata for you!

Separate yukata
Separate yukata that can also be used as a one-piece dress.

Video of dressing one-piece yukata.

Video of how to tie a yukata obi (pleated ribbon knot).

Video of how to tie a yukata obi (ribbon patter knot).

Wear a dress yukata!

How to put on a dress yukata.

  1. How to wearring 1
    While wearing the dress, put the upper jacket over your shoulders and put your arms through the sleeves.
  2. How to wearring 2
    Wrap the upper jacket around your body with the left side layered on top.
  3. How to wearring 3
    Pull out the cord from under your left arm, wrap both cords behind you around your waist, and then tie them together in the front. Tuck in the loose ends.
  4. How to wearring 4
    Put on the obi. Try wrapping it around you however you think looks nice.
  5. How to wearring 5
    When you've finished tying the obi, adjust the shape of the knot and bow, and rotate the obi in a clockwise direction to the back of the body.
  6. How to wearring 6
    Make any final adjustments to the obi, and you're done!

How to tie Butterfly Obi.

  1. How to tie 1
    Take the outer obi and fold the 'te' end in half. Keep the 'te' end 50 cm away from the center of the body and wrap the rest of the obi around the waist twice.
  2. How to tie 2
    Hold the 'te' end up and tie the 'tare' and 'te' ends together.
  3. How to tie 3
    Use the 'tare' end to make the butterfly wings. The length of the wings should be about the width of your shoulders.
  4. How to tie 4
    Make pleats in the center of the butterfly wings.
  5. How to tie 5
    Wrap the 'te' end around the butterfly wings twice.
  6. How to tie 6
    Tuck the excess portion of the 'te' end into the space between the obi and the front board (maeita). Rotate the butterfly obi in a clockwise direction to the back of the body.

The thin fabric yukata can be folded compactly without adding to your luggage, and you can use the "Happy Coupon" exclusively for foreign visitors to Japan, which is available for most products sold at AEON, for a 5% discount!

Yukata (light cotton kimono) store.
In Japan, you can wear it as a yukata and as a dress after returning home.
Hair ornaments
Cute hair ornaments for a different hair arrangement.
Full lineup of accessories such as bags and clogs.

Tip for Finding Summer Souvenirs#2: Check Out the "Cooling Items" Section!

Women using Handy Fan.

Summer in Japan is known for its high temperature and humidity. Let's head to the cooling items section to find products that reduce the discomfort of stickiness and dampness!
A must-have for outdoor activities like strolling in the city, waiting in line at shops or amusement parks - the handy fan. AEON's private brand "Top Valu" offers a lightweight (120g) handheld fan with a stand, making it convenient for use at home as well. With six stylish designs, compact size, and affordable price, it's also a great souvenir option.

Handy Fan
Handy Fan is a reassuring ally when going out in summer.

We also have a lineup of essential products for outings, including cooling sheets that provide long-lasting refreshment by reducing body stickiness, and deodorant water "Sea Breeze" that helps control sweat and unwanted odors.

Cooling sheets
Cooling sheets to always have in your bag.
Sea Breeze
Experience a refreshing sensation that lasts, like taking a shower, with 'Sea Breeze'

Tip for Finding Summer Souvenirs#3: Check Out the "Kitchen Goods" Section!

Uji kintoki shaved ice

If you like Japanese summer gourmet food, head to AEON's kitchen goods section.
There is a wide variety of nagashi somen machines, including basic ones that flow with water and deluxe versions with sliders, which are full of entertainment that children will love, and retro manual types to electric types that can make fluffy and creamy shaved ice like those made at a specialty store. We sell various types of shaved ice machines. Even after returning home, you can enjoy nagashi somen and shaved ice at home whenever you like! If you get glasses and bowls that look cool, your presentation will look even more authentic.

Shaved ice equipment sales area
Enjoy shaved ice and flowing somen noodles in cool containers!
Nagashi Somen
Nagashi Somen

Some products may not be available at all stores.

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AEON has many other useful items that you can use during your stay in Japan and after you return home.
Let's make your summer trip to Japan even more fulfilling with AEON, a company that is close to you and enriches your life!